I know its hard for you

And why wouldn’t it be

To live a life without a mother

Pain entered your life for free You know she loved you a lot

You just need to remember

She left this world of ours

But your heart is where she entered If she could come back

If only for one day

I know you’ll only listen

To all she had to say. Don’t even try to forget her, girl

What about the first red dress you got

The lies she said, to set you out

Forgetting her is a very long shot No one will ever know

Quite how you feel inside,

And on that day she left,

She wasn’t the only one who died. But today l must say to you

You are a very strong girl

I really am proud of you

I’ll say’ I love you’ yet again,

Not from my side this time

But hers, which wont go in vain?