Have you ever questioned yourself who are you? Have you ever thought why only this face? Why only these parents or why only this hometown? I bet you must have. Looking at a guy with big biceps you must have thought why not me? One with the rich parents and you must have asked.. ‘Why not mine!?’ This is a natural thinking process every human must be having. Every one dreams of having something more and better. But what if you are the best? Yes you can not run as fast as usain bolt but you are good at some thing, which is entirely your thing! For instance, If you can sing, you are so good at it that no one, no one in this world can beat you. You are the shadow and you only, are the light. There’s nothing a man can’t achieve as long as he is willing to try. If you wont build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs. You were born to be original. What has stopped you to achieve is the fear inside. Haven’t tenzing norgay ever had a thought that ‘what if i fall from mount everest and die?’ Yes he must have. He must have pondered over this a million times before he became the first human to climb mount everest. You can think, take time, a lot of time actually, you can stop and pause and fall and run away but never should you quit! Its well said that quitters never win and winners never quit! No one is similar to you. Not even your identical twin. If out of zillions of people, you are unique then why can’t you achieve something which no one has yet achieved? Remember, everything has its own ‘First time’ and the ‘First one’.

Be the first one, to do that first thing for the very first time and do it in a way that no one else can do! Now get up and do what you were wishing for, cause you my friend, are different from everyone who is reading this!