I have a dream for you. This will be a beguiling journey if you are an avid reader. Just promise to open the windshields of your mind and embrace the most beautiful gift that we as humans have. Imagine. Imagine walking through in this dream and remember, you’re here for a solo ride. This dream is a life for you. A life where you are not who you are. Actually, quite the opposite. You aren’t thinking twice before jumping from the top just because you are scared to get hurt. The girl you always wanted to tell, how hands down beautiful she is, this time you took the courage to text her. You are at the top of the yacht amidst the red sea. You see your friend jumping right into the water and suddenly you are not afraid anymore to take that jump. You step back a little, and all your muscles push you forward into the sea and you go deep into the water. The next second you realize, you’re under the sea, ten feet deep down and you see fingerlings fishes running around your face. You hustle. Panic. Swim.

You reach the top and take a deep breathe. And you go inside. Again. And again. Because guess what? It feels beautiful. I hope for you that in this dream, you fall in love. You fall in love and it hurts so bad. The only way you know you gave all you had. You don’t suffer but you take the pain. You cry for days and weep in nights. You learn and you grow. Plot twist follows and you fall in love again. But you don’t run just because it hurt you the last time. Because this dream gave you wisdom and you know things aren’t the same everytime. You are scared of course, because even in the dream you are a human but this time you are a smart one. You make your choice right and you feel everything. That beautiful song by James Arthur now makes sense. In this dream, you feel love and loved. You are ready to stand at the back of the gypsy allowing your hair to be carressed by the strong winds in the most uncertain yet admirable way. You put your hands out and you let the world hug you. You allow the life to grasp you in it’s arms. You travel. You see places people haven’t heard of. You meet the people you don’t know the language of. You talk to them by your hands and eyes and you finally feel that you have talked your heart out with someone without the complexity of letters and syllables. In this dream i hope that when everyone chooses to run, you stay. You lose everything and you still stand up. You don’t have the life that everyone wants but you are living a life that you have always wanted. I hope when the crowd screams out, they are screaming your name. I hope you own so many seconds that this world could give and you have been to so many places and you have done things that nobody did and with every broken bone, i hope you lived. In this dream, i hope you realize that money can solve all problems and bring happiness but also realize that you can be happy even with problems and even if you have money, you’ll have a thousand other problems.

I hope tonight when you go to bed, you dream all this. You dream to be a king and when you wake up, it’s still true. In the haste of life, we often forget the most unaddressed truth of life. You are here not for the money, neither for the people. You are here for yourself and you are here to live. I hope in the path of accomplishing your goals, you don’t forget to live your dreams. After all, i believe that a person’s dreams defines not only him but all his past, present and future. And passion is the fuel that drives to fulfill them. Never stop dreaming, never stop living. Dream over.