A Hope to Live..

Even if we commute daily through metro, we don’t get in the same compartment every time. Sometimes we just walk ahead when we are busy listening to our morning songs, because lets talk real, travelling in Delhi metro with well scented men, a seat for everyone, everytime and not having that one guy who’s always on phone talking to god knows who, and so loud and Crystal clear, you could literally write an essay on his life based on that one i-am-gonna -annoy-you-all-with-my-public- metro-phone-call. (only in a parallel world) Sometimes we switch our compartments hoping something new might happen in this one or maybe because a hot girl is going in that compartment and its 2018, there’s apps like ‘Happn’, i mean, she might like me you know… Its not like I’ve already planned my kids as soon as i saw her on my platform and hoped she gets off at my station and we’ll date! Huh! I mean, you know what i mean, Don’t ya? Nevertheless, the point is that we always hope for something good to happen. We always wish that a change is something we need. A change and a Hope, isn’t that all we need to live happily? I remember when i got to know that i am adopted or that’s when my mother died and i sat there helplessly, still pondering who’s gonna take care of me when I’ll get sick, whom am i gonna call mom? There’s problems and tragedies, worst nightmares coming true and feeling the coldness when your body has drenched out all tears. What keeps us going is just a hope, for a better day. It’s only when you believe in something bad, you hope for good in the end. It’s only when you have been into the realms of hatred, you understand the importance of love. I am not saying hope will make you successful, but it’ll keep you alive. I believe, you gotta live the days, not the life.