A Letter to God

12 June 2018

Above the solar system

Pincode- Please add this in your reply to me, it’ll be helpful to communicate further Dear Almighty

This letter is to bring light on the facts that life is changing. It isn’t just about the delicious slices of pizza anymore. I believe there’s a need for confrontation between you and me because i don’t remember signing up for this. I thought growing up would be fun, but damn it, it’s getting darker.

To summon up the shenanigans of this little bitch called karma, i think she hates me at a personal level. I feel clueless at this moment, numb from the core. Emotions just sounds like some camatose words ready to sulk inside my heart but there’s a gate, a gate which is stopping me to feel emotional. Sensational, quotational, salvational is that massive gate which is stopping my heart from feeling anything today. From falling into love. I remember how it feels to love someone. Loving someone so much that the words themselves sound unspeakably lame. How their soul becomes your home and their heart becomes your destiny. You pave the path of happiness by gazing into those gracious eyes. You finally find peace in this momentarily constant life of yours, by carressing her beautiful hair. You speak with silence when you kiss her lips. She’s something you breathe for. She’s something I’ve been missing. She’s something I’m afraid to find now. She’s unreal maybe, Magic maybe?

I’m pretty afraid to tell all this to anyone today. Makes me feel weaker. So I’m writing to you, hoping you’ll hear my voice. I have everything a man could wish for. I’m living an amazing life, pretty fucking amazing. Oops, sorry for that god. But in this living battle of happiness or sadness, this unsavory act of living the life is becoming quite pretentious. And loving someone is one risky job to conquer. I hope whenever my eyes land on her, whenever i feel that ‘She’s the one’ , hits my heart (and dong) , you allow me to recognize if she’s right or not. After all a man is lucky if he’s the first love of a woman. A woman is lucky if she’s the last love of the man.