From childhood on, you must have always wanted to know what your vagina should taste like. Men – often known as hypocrites by the fairer sex - do not really expect to go down on you and taste strawberries, do they? Yet, the ladies don’t expect it to taste sweet or like Victoria secret’s eau de parfum, either.

'But, as a growing girl, your inquisitive mind wanted to know what the non-vaginus breed thinks about its taste. And that taste? Well, it’s own natural scent, a little musky, a little sweet, a little sour but all authentic. After all as Healthline once remarked in their article: “A vagina should taste like a vagina.” And it does.'

Not to forget, most men do not even know the difference between the vagina and vulva. No wonder he can’t find your clit!

The taste of your vagina depends on various factors. What you eat on your regular day is what your partner will taste on your action days. Funny fact, it's the same for both men and women. Avoiding red meat, spices and cancer-sticks is the long way to go. 

My dear friend Cosmopolitan suggests drinking unsweetened pineapple juice for a better taste in your fluids, however, there’s lack of any scientific evidence. My suggestion, on the other hand, comes from detailed research and is backed up by factual data. 


Oh I mean, drink as much water as you can. Drinking plenty of water dilutes vaginal odours, not to forget how it blooms your skin and fights with acne too. A win-win situation really!

And this one’s for all the dirty, dirty ladies who like to go raw. Using rubbers is a lot better for your vagina than any other contraceptive methods. A healthy vagina’s pH, which is around 4.5 is affected everytime yo man fills you up,  as semen has a pH score of 7.0-8.0. 

It is nothing but natural to get a little worried when it comes to oral sex. After all, we all want our partner to enjoy what he’s doing. Coming from a man, and please do take notes, if we are going down on you, chances are we already like your smell, taste, shape and color. 

Everyone has a unique body structure and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. If a man isn’t smart enough to understand this then dump his funky ass; you’re not dating a man, you’re dating a boy!

Lastly, your vagina will not and can not taste the same all the time. For instance, when your uterine lining exits your vagina, it can give off a unique smell but it’s not unhealthy says Dr. Jennifer Wider, M.D. 

And sometimes, you might just want to get shitface and drink loads of pink gin. Either way, there is nothing to worry about. And it brings me pride to say, a man’s perspective on vagina does not matter. 

Or as Miss. Rachel Green said

“No Uterus, No opinion.”