College diaries.

And your life takes a turn when you enter college. Of Course you never thought you’d end up here but you always wished to be a part of the renowned Delhi university. How a father looks for the perfect guy for his daughter is somewhat similar to how we wish for our so called dream college. We haven’t seen the place yet its name is enough to leave an impact deep down to our soul. The race begins from SRCC and ends up on settling any college, but DU.You enter the place with a lot of anxiety and expectations and hopes. Before your feet, your eye senses the place. The search begins from looking out for the most adorable girl or boy, and how you imagine every day of your following three years whence you find that person. This place actually makes you realise that looks can be very deceptive. You meet people, lots of new people, some tall and some short, some smart and some dumb yet you have to make a perception on how they look. You have to accept every one in your class, be it the silent one or the dope guy, just like you accept the money from your relatives. Some may expect to fall in love and have a great life whilst some may expect from people to fall in love with them. You’ll be having every dish from every region, a whole platter, from north indian to south indian, from Delhi to Kolkata, from Mumbai to bhopal and you’d have to digest it. You would have to act like an eccedentesiast with people you don’t like because thats how life works.You will find that the person who speaks a lot might not make any sense and the person who remains silent in class ends up being the student of the year. You’ll grow here, develop here and even fall here but what actually matters are going to be the people with whom you grow. You’ll feel absurd with someone’s reaction and you may find a brother in some guy in just few days. No one’s gonna ask you about your grades and no one’s gonna guide you on how to score. You are gonna be stuck in a room where there’s only one door to exit. Now you could be the witty one, to just go there, unlock the door and move ahead. Or you could bang your head to the wall until you give up and stay there forever. Now, the former is called an opportunist and the latter is the hardworking one. So in college, you might become the most hardworking guy but you won’t succeed because there’s gonna be no one, whose gonna come to you and help you unlock that door. The moment you entered the door, your college, you became independent and from then until you go out it would be your choice to be hardworking or witty. These three years would be giving you the best and worst together and you’d have to choose what you wanna have. You’ll find amazing people, teachers, societies and whatnot but you are gonna write your own story. If you find yourself growing, it’s ambition that is driving you. If you find yourself growing detached, it’s overambition that is killing you.Sometimes, you just need to spare a moment and be grateful you can put your thoughts on paper. There are millions out there who simply cannot. They are not just slaves of language but prisoners of the pen. In their land, it is the ink that speaks louder than their blood. So embrace these three years to bring about a change outside and inside.

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