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I still remember the rusty walls of school, i ask, do you?

When keeping your index filled was the biggest worry, and as soon as the recess gets over, we had to hurry. I miss recess, i miss my zero period, college was my dream, and now i miss my school. Period.

I remember recognising my friends with their bags around the desks, and now i have friends who have the habit of buying new bags. I remember, eating lunch in between my class was a triumph and then my friends, one with a black bag and one with blue, used to come to my desk to eat a bite or two. Coloured covers wrapped around my notebook made them look really beautiful. Red for maths, and blue for english, I couldn’t figure out that rainbow inside my school bag. That rainbow felt heavy at that time, and rain is coming today, I always wished to get out of school, and now i see there is no back gate. Sitting at the last desk, using my phone, it was the best feeling ever, as if sitting on an iron throne. I see, that teacher is leaving and she asks me to take care of the class. I miss the power to write any name on the blackboard and if i envy someone, I could put a tick mark on his name which could end up getting him out of the class. Why did I always want to grow up? Why, school used to give me a feeling of a cage? Atleast it was better than today, atleast I wasn’t holding any rage. Enough of rhyming, all the truth can’t be described with rhythm. School was absolutely the best time i ever had, and I should never have wished for it to end. The morning assembly which turned us all brown, and some actors who used to fell on the ground. The P.T period was on Saturday I suppose, and I usually don’t go to college on Saturdays. A canteen always filled, for one samosa that I wanted to grab and it wasn’t always as tasty, if the green chutney couldn’t accompany it. Bunking the class, only some people could do. Irony strikes, when i see all the classrooms empty in my college. Narrow pants were not allowed and today I can’t really wear loose clothes. There’s a lot more to my story and though I thought i am being selfish, but i think it’s a story of every student and I still remember the rusty walls of school, i ask, do you?