Grown up child

And i don’t know what it feels like to be an adult, when and how you grow up, all the ‘ You are adult, act like one’ and ‘You are a child, you can’t do that’ phase. Never experienced that, i am still a child. I remember my first bicycle ride. That too, without the side wheels? God that was scary. I could not even dream of riding it on my own. But then i did. Though i had some falls, and by some i mean many, and by many i also would like to recall the scary bluish – red scar you got on your right elbow, yeah that, i also had some, but god, i did something i never thought i was capable of. I rode a bicycle, without any side wheels, on my own! I also remember my first car drive. I mean staring at your dad and figuring out how he is able to shift gears without even looking at them! I mean, at that time i had problem remembering the squares of numbers upto 12 and he could just move his hand, full with utter confidence and a belief that he drives the best ( of course you do believe that at that age, but once you get your hands on that steering, you remember you are a true fast and furious fan) And then day comes, when you do that on your own. That’s one more thing in my list of things, i thought i am not capable of doing. It brings me great fun, because you see i am still a child. Things got a little messy when i left my school. I am sure, being a child, you all must have felt it too. That ‘where are new friends, oh i don’t care i have my school friends’ and ‘where are my college friends, my school friends are with their college friends’. But all of that being said, i do have many friends in my college, keeping the constant worldwide definition of friend being alive, but there are only 3 people i really know, are my friends! In my college..

But again i did something i Never thought I’d be capable to do on my own. Making new friends!

I guess, that’s what all children think about. Because you know i am a child, and I don’t know all the adult mess. I’ve seen my happiness switching away from being the first one to bat while we are playing cricket and holding up my stand with arguments like ‘The bat is mine, so according to the rules (Just some gully cricket made up bullshit ) i am gonna bat first’ . Yeah that switched to who finishes the glass of whiskey first or god damn, who rolls better? It’s all a childhood experience you see. And i am glad i am living it. I realized I’ve done pretty much a lot of things that i never thought i am capable of doing. I bet you all had this experience in one way or the other? But i guess that’s only because i have passed on so many years of my life. Yeah, because i am 20 you know… I am still a kid.. right? Oh but they say you turn adult when you turn 18. Is that true? I thought it’s just a trap made by adults to have more adults and cry about growing up? Am i a part of it? Have i really grown up? Maybe doing things i Never thought i am capable of, is what growing up is all about. Right, my grown up partner?