And then out of all issues, there is one thing on which people will never stop arguing, that is, inequality. Women and men are not equal. This 6 words statement is enough to boil someone’s blood. I don’t understand why a woman want to be considered as equals.

A life which a woman leads is much more difficult than a man. From being a daughter to a wife, and from being a wife to a mother, every phase of her life has its own obstacles and hurdles. Every single word you were able to read before is because of a woman, who loves you more than you love your very own self, because of a woman, you call as MOTHER. On the other hand, a mother can never replace a father. A father, a man, is the one who keeps the family together. Any daughter would look for man who holds the pattern of her dad. A son will always copy his father and would want to be like him. Thus, if the father is a thumb and the mother is an index finger, they are scientifically different. But, both of them are equally needed in a hand to hold something, which is the family. So scratching out, women and men are not equal because they are not meant to be equal. There is a reason why god has created man and woman, different in terms of their abilities, traits and looks. So we shouldn’t say men and women are equal rather they are dependent on each other. There’s a reason why it is wrong to ask a woman her age, because she hardly lives for herself and its wrong to ask a man his salary because he hardly spends on himself. Concluding, we’ve been wasting our times on proving that both men and women are equal whilst they are not. Lets make a most of it by understanding that a society needs both of them equally without making both of them equal.