Latest travel update

Italy, Greece, Turkey or Spain? Latest travel update for international travellers.

With every passing sunny day, people are wondering when can they visit their favourite summer destinations. With most countries already allowing domestic travel, here’s the latest travel update for international travel.

1- Greece: The tourist season is set to begin from June 15 with the opening of seasonal hotels, while international flights would commence from July 1.

2-Spain: All new international arrivals are currently required to self-isolate for 14 days. Hotels are expected to re-open when Phase 1 of the plan is activated. International travel will ease up but not before June 15.

3- France: Currently, there are flights operating between France and the UK for essential travel only. People arriving in the country either have to present a health certificate stating they do not have coronavirus, or self-isolate for 14 days.

4- Turkey: The Turkish Embassy in London confirmed that "Turkey is now expected to start going back to normal very soon". A spokesperson said: "We hope to start the holiday season in June, by gradually resuming international flights to Turkey. 

The international flight ban is until June 1.

5-Italy: From June 3, Italy will allow international travellers to enter the country without having to quarantine on their arrival.

6-Portugal: “On 30 April, the Portuguese government announced the transition to a state of public calamity and the implementation of a three-stage de-escalation plan to gradually ease current confinement and mobility measures,” said the FCO.

“Starting on May 4, each stage of the plan will last two weeks. Progression through the stages will depend on the continued control of the COVID-19 outbreak in Portugal.”

Images: Pexels.