The furrowing of her brows brings ache to my heart. No space for grimace, as I love it when the freckle right below her nose goes a little away from the one at the other side, right above her lip, as she giggles.

I didn't see her coming as I met her on the other side.  She was like any other woman. Both strong and weak. Loving and kind. Many kind words had lost their meanings or they became a false alarm because of men, or mostly boys who didn't grow up with their age. She wasn't perfect, neither the easy type. She was real. Dreams come true with their own time and  as you work hard for them. But sometimes, this unreal thing called luck strikes in and you get something you didn't deserve, but you have always wanted. An ebullient, rainbow-after -the -rain like person tred on the same path I was walking on, and I didn't know what to do next. I ran and panicked, felt I'm in love one day and failed my own self the other.

It took me awhile to fathom a woman so unreal, as she used to fall down every passing night but would stand up with more courage and wisdom by the crack of dawn. It was uncomfortable for me to see someone so better than me, falling for someone who was becoming a resentful mess. I felt helpless and attacked. Weak and debilitated. But she who came from the other side, saw right through my facades and helped me to get back on my feet.

She, who lives on the other side was there with me when I couldn't find myself. And today, I am more with her than myself but it brings nothing but happiness to be with someone who reminds you of who you are, not what you think you have become. She, with long curly brown hair and soft pink lips and eyes that make me glance into them so much that I want to reside in them, she, is surreal. She's magic and she's the real truth. Bespoke for me, she's a blessing that I'm keeping.

A blessing from the other side.