Heartbreaks can very painful but then what about the overwhelming monthly affair of menstruation? Oh let me just make it easy for you, my god damn periods! Yes it’s the inner voice of every girl and guys like us need to understand that periods may hurt, but the fear of talking about it when we are around, hurts even more to them. Why is it so hyped? Talking about sex is all appropriate because apparently India is on the footsteps of modernisation and western culture has to be accepted here but when it comes down to periods, all guys help them with, is the fuckface that we make with that stupid grin on our face, acting like a cherry on a cake in one already burnt volcanic pressure that may burst anytime leaving the girl helpless and all wet. I am hundred and ten percent sure that every girl must have wished atleast once of being a boy and getting rid of this stupid ,super painful, super weird and annoying process of menstruation. And i can not agree more that none of the guys have the balls to feel that deadly pain and that too in every month for almost your entire fucking life. Thoughts must have entered in a girl’s mind that maybe if period pain burned calories it’d be worth it. Or that ‘the world has come to an end and i had a great life’ but no.. no wait that was my period cramps. I must say, girls who exercise to get rid of cramps are the ones surviving the apocalypse. And here’s the fun fact. She can never know when its done! She might wear the pad all day and nothing will happen and when she stops, the inner voice comes and says ‘Who says i am done with you bitch?’ and boom. I think Marvel and DC are just fancy! Hulk gets all outrageous and destroys everything and becomes a hero but when your girl does that, she is sadly just on her periods. She might say i love you and the next day would want to tie a rakhi on your hand but thats just PMS-ing my friend!Nevertheless we as guys can never feel this pain and for criticism we do have ‘You’ll never know how much it hurts when someone hits your balls’ but there’s a need to change the mindset. In this already, super painful and what may sound as useless process, there’s a scientific logic which according to me everyone can google so save my time please. As a guy i would just say, that I have no problem in listening or sharing anything a girl would want to when she is down. And my ideology says, that this is rather the most natural process on the face of earth that is somehow responsible for getting you on earth. So lets respect what all girls go through and help them with our support and of course with ice cream duh! I mean lots of ice cream okay.. I hope it brings a smile on your face (the girl only, i swear) and an assurance that we will respect you for what you go through. I am done. I know i still wont go through any of this.

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