I look at you and i see myself changing I talk to you and my heart starts feeling You are not mine, and I’m not yours Still why i feel, That you’re all i need?

You are my sun I’m your moon, United never, never will we meet But for me to shine For me to live, Seems like you’re all i need

Envious and Jealous Two unfathomable devotions If this life could give me, Something worthy of my time It’d be me breathing, and being the only reason you smile

I want you; your attention Your love; and your detention You’re splendiferous, magnanimous Beautiful, and sometimes quite cunty But you make me feel, I’ve found the right chest To lay upon and frown About my sins, and open up How a man so wise So flamboyant All of them martyrs Reside in the heart of this town One where you find the chest To lay upon And sigh forever, Babe, i love you