At what time Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are going to get banned today in India? 😱


After watching several stories on Instagram where people started sharing their Snapchat ID and even their phone numbers with strangers, (😐) it was necessary to find out what’s happening in India and are we really gonna lose access to social media? 😱

What’s really happening? 😅

On February 25, the Indian government’s new Information technology Rules, 2021 was initiated and had given large companies with over 50 lakh registered users (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) a three-month deadline t to accept the guidelines by May 25. So far, no one has accepted them (except Koo - the Indian version of Twitter but who cares about that app really? SMH 😆)

What if these companies never comply with the new rules? 🤯

In the context of today's scenario, if the companies do not comply, they risk losing their ‘intermediary status’ - this means that the companies will be personally held liable for anyone or everyone posting content on their platform like they’re a publisher. This takes away the freedom of speech from all of us. For example, Imagine a Modi bhakt getting offended by something you shared on your profile; he can then sue you as well as the platform (Instagram) - making these platforms more vulnerable to legal actions by the government.

These platforms would then be forced to censor or ban all content that could possibly offend people or is not in the government’s interest. 😩

When are these social media apps going to get banned in India today? 🥺

First of all, chill tf out and stop sharing your Snapchat ID on Instagram. 😤 These apps are not getting banned today or in the foreseeable future. According to Section 45 of the Parent IT Act, not complying with these rules would lead to a fine of ₹25,000. Not to mention that these platforms can appeal to the courts to challenge the guidelines because these ‘rules’ are technically ‘unconstitutional.’ Also, there is ZERO chance of the Indian govt blocking US platforms when Jaishankar is in the US to engage with the US government, says Moneycontrol.

Latest news ⬇️

Whatsapp has sued the Indian government declaring that one of the new rules is a violation of privacy rights in India's constitution since it requires social media companies to identify the "first originator of information" when authorities demand it. More information here. 😎