Something missing, someone missing

Hey beautiful, how are you today?I still remember your warmth

Your home where i stay I look for you in every person

I look for you every day

I hope you are safe

Safe and happy, I need someone to feed me food with their hands

I need someone who have your hands

Oh such a fool! I need you today

Upset i am, i never valued when you were here, upset i am, now my world is gray Songs that remind me of you

Songs that were sung for you

Songs that are hurting me today

Songs that i no more hear

All are dead today, pretty much dead today Someone who could kiss my forehead

Someone who could make me stay

Someone who is there to shed my tears

Tears, which are now like a daily pray I know you are dead, but my mind resists

I see you everywhere, am I schizophrenic?

Oh i wish i could have you today

To tell you, how much i love you

I wish i could show, the most beautiful woman to the world Oh i miss you mom,

Only you were my world!