Happy 420 in C-19

The most awaited time of the century is here. It’s April; the fourth month of the year 2020. It’s a 4/20 in 4/20!

Source: Pineapple Express (A must watch!)

But as it happens, we are in a worldwide lockdown because of coronavirus; a family of viruses that causes disease in animals. Aren’t we all really monkeys?

Initially it seemed like a problem that China was tackling with but then, Italy ignored the warnings, the United States didn’t see it coming and in India it became one another reason for clashes between the Hindu and Muslims. 

“No Beef!” is certainly something people don’t understand when it comes to religion.

This year has been a rollercoaster ride. And it has only been a quarter of the show.

Remember like ten years ago, we were told that we will be having flying cars by 2020? And here we are with free Premium PornHub membership, no geographical boundaries in the new tinder update, home workouts and some beloved kush. 

Stoners are having an ever-growing relationship with weed during this pandemic. We have four categories of people here:

1- Survivors: These are the people with level A smoking capabilities but are sadly stuck in their homes with their family. They wait for their fathers to sleep to sneak out to the terrace to smoke a doob. They tell their mothers to keep the food in the fridge so that they can smoke first, then eat, and then smoke again. They are the true survivors.

2- Wolves: These people are living alone and have forgotten the basic concept of day and night. They wake up at 5 and sleep at 10, p.m and a.m respectively. Probably haven’t seen a sunrise since the lockdown started. Weed is their bestfriend. Some of them also believe that smoking weed is keeping them safe for the virus but ‘trip toh trip hai na behenchod?’ (whatever keeps them happy, right?)

3-Trumps: They have money, a lot of money, but they can’t solve their problems. “Maal nahi mil raha kahin yaar.” (Can’t find the loud no’mo)

4- Middlemen: Smoking every day with Math. With no money coming in, they are just constantly worried for money for their next sesh. Some are stealing from their fathers, some are splitting the stash with their friends. Enjoying life but complaining too. 

However, to make your 420 better, we are hosting a virtual hot box session at 4:20pm BST (8:50pm IST) with people joining in from all over the world.  You only need one thing

1- Your joint/zoot/spliff/blunt … whatever you call it.

2- Join us on Skype at- https://join.skype.com/ejUyzu1AbdHi

So no matter which category you’re in or whichever country you are from, just

Crush it, roll it, light it, smoke it

Pass it, puff it, hit it, hold it 

And join us at 4:15! (To spark with 50 people together at 4:20!)